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Delivering trusted results for over 35 years.

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At SRN Testing, we believe delivering results on-time and on-budget requires more than the best equipment or a state-of-the-art lab -- although we have all of those things too. Delivering results, first and foremost, requires understanding client needs and building relationships that ensure communication and commitment. This drive to create lasting relationships instead of quick profits is why our people are some of the most trusted and respected in the industry.

Scott Nelson


Scott has been working for the construction industry for over 34 years. He started working part-time for his father, Richard Nelson at H.H.Holmes Testing at age 14. Scott started as a laboratory assistant and worked his way to a field technician. Scott performed construction material testing for soil, concrete, asphalt, steel, and masonry. He eventually became a supervisor of all field operations. Scott was the owner and president of H.H.Holmes Testing for 14 years. In 2011, he sold his company. Scott moved on to another testing firm in 2012. He turned one of the company's smallest locations into one of the most profitable divisions.

Scott's specialties are consulting in construction materials, as well as concrete floor construction.

Scott decided to open SRN Testing Services because he has a passion for servicing the construction industry.

Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson

Felicia Bahr

Office & Operations Manager

Felicia has been working for the industry for over 6 years. She started working part-time for her father, Scott Nelson at H. H. Holmes Testing at age 14. Felicia assisted with administrative work, as well as laboratory work. She eventually started producing reports and proposals, and organized dispatching.

Felicia decided to go a different direction for her career after high school but ultimately decided that construction was in her blood.

Returning to the industry in 2014, as a branch office manager of a testing firm. She further confirmed her passion and knowledge for the industry. She left the testing firm in 2015 to become a quality control inspector for Ozinga Ready Mix. She developed a passion for concrete and expanded her knowledge in the ready mix industry. At Ozinga, Felicia performed quality control testing at the batch plants and on project sites to verify that the mix was in project specifications. She also evaluated concrete mix designs to establish the best mix for the contractors. Additionally, she went on service calls to troubleshoot any problems the contractors may have encountered.

Felicia is excited to be working with her father, Scott again. Since he has taught her almost everything he knows, she is looking forward to gaining all his wisdom that he has for the industry.