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Pavement is more than just a material. It’s what gets us all from where we are to where we need to be. Our pavement engineering and evaluation services help ensure the integrity and longevity of your pavement project through field evaluations, AASHTO Certified lab tests and a full range of mix design and engineering services.

  • Field Evaluation
  • Laboratory Evaluation (AASHTO Certified)
  • Laboratory Evaluation (AASHTO Certified Laboratory)
  • Rotation Viscosity
  • Flash Point
  • Specific Gravity
  • Dynamic Shear Rheometer
  • Rolling Thin Film (Laboratory)
  • Rotation Viscosity
  • Flash Point
  • Specific Gravity
  • Dynamic Shear Rheometer
  • Rolling Thin Film
  • Pressure Aging
  • Bending Beam Rheometer
  • Multiple Stress Creep Recovery
  • PG Verification
  • Asphalt Extraction
  • ROTOVAP Recovery of Asphalt Binder from Extraction
  • Engineering and Design


In our ever-changing environment, it’s become increasingly important to ensure practices are as responsible as they are effective. Our exploration and lab analysis services adhere to the Environmental Protection Agency standards so you can rest assured knowing your project’s environmental impact goals are practical, measurable, and results-oriented.

  • Explorational Drilling
  • Laboratory Analysis (IEPA Accredited Laboratory)
    • Sample Prep
    • GC-MS (Organic)
    • ICP-MS (Metals)
    • UV (Inorganic)
  • Engineering
    • Phase I Study
    • Phase II Analysis
    • Clean Construction or Demolition Debris (CCDD)
      • Potentially Impacted Property Report (PIP)
      • LPC-662 Non-Impacted Property
      • LPC-663 Impacted Property
      • LPC-667 Tainted Brick


Because foundations must be constructed to support demanding man-made structural loads and environmental forces alike, proper investigation and evaluation of subsurface materials is crucial. We understand that each site has unique soil mechanics and material properties, so we design our investigation and evaluation processes to facilitate maximum long-term sustainability for your project.

  • Subsurface Exploration and Engineering Analysis

Construction Materials

With such a broad array of materials available to today’s builders, it’s crucial to know that your components are capable of withstanding whatever is thrown at them. Our on-site testing and analysis services handle anything from lightweight aggregate to structural steel, and provide you with reliable quality assurance you can stand behind.

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  • Structural Steel
    • Weld Inspection
    • Bolt Tension Verification
    • Magnetic Particle
    • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
  • Masonry
    • Site Observation
    • Mortar Compressive Strength
    • Grout Compressive Strength
    • Masonry Prism
    • Compressive Strength of Masonry Blocks
  • Soil & Aggregates
    • Observation of Excavation and Proof-Rolling
    • In-Place Nuclear Density Compaction Tests
    • Observation and Testing of Caissons, Piles, and Aggregate Piers
    • Testing Observation and Verification for Exposed Foundation Bearing Soils
    • Laboratory Testing
      • Compaction (Modified and Standard Proctors)
      • Atterberg Limits
      • Hydrometer Analysis
      • Sieve Analysis
      • Specific Gravity Determination
      • Organic Content
      • Density Determination
      • pH testing
      • Unconfined Compression Strength
  • Aggregates (Laboratory)
    • Lightweight Aggregate Analysis
    • Aggregates Analysis
    • Gradation of Course and Fine Aggregates
    • Soundness Testing
    • Los Angeles Abrasion
    • Unit Weight
    • Petrographic Analysis
    • Specific Gravity and Absorption
  • Concrete
    • On-site observation and testing for air content, slump, unit weight, temperature and casting test specimens
    • Core Sampling and Testing
    • Petrographic Analysis
    • In-Situ Concrete Testing
      • Rebound Hammer and Windsor Probe
    • Rebar Detection
    • Post tension Concrete
    • Reinforcing Steel Placement
    • Floor Flatness and Levelness Testing and Consulting
    • F-Min Testing
    • Laboratory Testing
      • Compressive and Flexural Strength
      • Determining Air Content of Concrete Mix
  • Bituminous Pavement
    • Nuclear Density
    • Core Density by Displacement
    • Field and Laboratory Testing

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